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HNTC2 Compatible Time Cards for uPunch HN2000 and HN4000

HNTC2 for uPunch HN2000 and HN4000

Time card form number HNTC2 (HNTC2-50)
Compatible with uPunch HN2000 / HN4000 time clocks or HN4500 / HN6000 bundles.
Also compatible with new "Gray" series calculating time recorders
Replaces uPunch time cards form number uPTC2000-1, HNTC2050, and HNTC2100
Full month printed on time card, days 1-15 on front, 16-31 on back
Cards numbered 1-50 with pre-punched holes
Card dimensions 3.375 inches wide, 7.375 inches long
Select Value Pack:
50 Time Cards
100 Time Cards
300 Time Cards

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