ATR120 TR220d
Weekly/Bi-Weekly Pay Period No YES
Semi-Monthly/Monthly Pay Period No YES
Uses ATR121 Weekly/Bi-Weekly Cards YES YES
Uses CTR6200M Semi-Monthly/Monthly Cards No YES
Print 12 or 24 Hour Format YES YES
Display & Print Always In Sync No YES
Large Digital Display No YES
Manual Across The Card Space Changes YES YES
Automatic Across The Card Space Changes YES YES
Illuminated Column Indicator YES YES
External Bell Relay No YES
2 Color Printing YES YES
High Speed Dot Pinter No YES
Backup Battery YES YES
Full Power Reserve Battery No YES
Locks With A Key To Prevent Tampering No YES
Warranty 6 Months 1 Year
Condition Refurbished Brand New
Price $119.95 $119.95